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5 Hr Prelicensing Class

Prerequisite for your road test
The 5 hour prelicensing class is mandatory before you can take a road test unless you have taken driver's education and have a valid certificate from your school.  Upon completing the 5 hour prelicensing class you will receive a certificate (MV-278) as a receipt and proof that you have completed the class.  Once you have the certificate you may proceed in scheduling a road test appointment. You'll be asked to provide your 5 hour class certificate (MV-278) at the road test site before taking your road exam.

Learn through films and lectures
During the 5 hour class you will learn about the rules and regulations of the road, receive tips on how to pass your road test and how to drive safely and defensively. The lecture and film will cover speed, distance, lane changing, lane position, steering control, braking, acceleration, observation, turning, k-turns, parallel parking techniques, pulling over, leaving the curb, using your mirrors, blind spots, using signals, lane markings, right of way and many additional topics.

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The 5 hour pre-licensing course is held on Saturday 11-4pm

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Denzil's Auto Driving School
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