Denzil's Driving School

Denzil's Auto Driving School

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Prior to using this school, I had long sad history of lack of confidence while driving. Damon brought me out of my hole and had me pass the test with points to spear. I highly recommend his school.

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Damon is an incredible teacher. He was patient, kind and reliable. As someone who has had little driving experience over the years, I signed up for 20 classes, and I felt like Damon helped me understand how a car works, the proper way to drive and how to pass the New York road test. With Damon's instruction, I never felt like the driving test was insurmountable. Damon also had a "rain or shine" policy that allowed me to learn how to drive in different climates. Damon also worked with me on how to avoid common driving mistakes. I appreciated Damon's flexible schedule and the fact that he was willing to make time for classes before and after I went to work. I cannot say enough good things about Denzil's Auto Driving School. When I passed my road test, Damon was right there to congratulate me. I highly recommend Denzil's Auto Driving School for anyone who is trying to not only pass the NY driving test but also become a good driver.

Rush Road Test Dates Available 
Office Hours Sat 11am-4pm

Denzil's Auto Driving School
833 St. John's PL. (@ Nostrand Ave) Brooklyn, N.Y. 11216



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